Trip Comparison

Compare flying out of Yellowstone Regional Airport with using Logan International Airport in Billings, MT.

YRA Billings Airport
Round Trip Distance to airport* 2–60 miles 194–214 miles
Round Trip Drive Time 5-50 minutes 3-4 hours
Cost of your drive time*** $1.25–$12.50 $45.00–$60.00
Gas** $0.25–$7.29 $23.57–$26.00
Parking for 4 day trip $0.00 $36.00
Time you have to leave house for 7:00 AM flight**** 5:00–5:30 AM 3:30–4:00 AM
Total Round Trip Cost $2.50–$19.79 $104.57–$122.00

*Assumes round trip and origin within 60 miles of Cody
**Assumes round trip and 20 MPG at $2.43/gal
***Assumes $15/hr pay rate
****Assumes arrival 90 minutes before departure

Yellowstone Regional Airport

Physical Address: 2101 Roger Sedam Drive
Mailing Address: PO Box 2748
Cody, WY 82414