Yellowstone Regional Airport Activation Date November 11, 1937


Just minutes from downtown Cody, Wyoming and only 55 miles from Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Regional Airport provides round-trip service to Denver, CO, and seasonal service to Salt Lake City, UT. Find a simple map of Yellowstone Park showing attractions in Yellowstone like Old FaithfulNorris Geyser Basin, Yellowstone Lake, and the Lamar Valley. View Yellowstone and the surrounding area on a regional map or a simple map of Cody.

Local, Regional and Yellowstone Maps

Local Map

Use this simple map of Cody, Wyoming to navigate our growing western town near the East Entrance to Yellowstone Park.

Regional Map

Use this regional map of the area to orient yourself amid the mountain west area and cities such as Denver, Salt Lake City and Billings, Montana.

Yellowstone Map

See this map of Yellowstone National Park to find attractions in Yellowstone Park like Old Faithful and Yellowstone Lake using the East Entrance near Cody.

Detailed Map of Yellowstone Park

Click on the button below to view or download a detailed map of Yellowstone National Park and its routes and attractions.