Banking Services RFP

The Yellowstone Regional Airport Joint Powers Board would like to offer you the opportunity to submit a proposal for the airport’s banking services, for the next three year period beginning in 2016. The airport currently maintains five bank accounts listed below with the approximate balance of each account.

• General Checking. Main checking account, balance $207,932
• Pavement Maintenance. Minimal activity, balance $72,036
• Terminal Contingency. Minimal activity, balance $146,367
• Passenger Facility Charge. Frequent deposits, minimal withdrawals, balance $207,023
• Vehicle Replacement. Minimal activity, balance $21,497

In addition, the Airport requests the following services:

• Business Debit Cards.
• Online Banking Services.
• Pledging of Funds per Wyoming State Statutes.
• Dedicated Banking Representative.

Your proposal should include the following items and any additional financial solutions your company can provide the Airport:

• Interest rates.
• Service fees and charges.
• Complimentary items such as checks.
• Check printing options and prices.
• Minimum balance requirements.
• Wire transfer fees.
• Local locations and hours of operations.

Proposal must be submitted to the Yellowstone Regional Airport Administration Office no later than 2:00 pm MST Friday, November 20, 2015. The Joint Powers Board will review the proposals and make a selection at the board meeting on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. Should you elect to submit a proposal, it is recommended a representative of your company attend the board meeting to address any questions from the Board.

Yellowstone Regional Airport

Roger Sedam Drive, Suite 1
Cody, WY 82414