Hangar Lots

As one of the area’s fastest growing airports, YRA has become the premier airport in northwest Wyoming. YRA is now proud to offer hangar development opportunities to tenant based and transient corporate aircraft, aviation service providers and recreational pilots.

In order to meet the needs of current and future tenants, YRA has identified lots ideal for the construction of sufficient, economical and user-friendly hangar facilities.

Executive Hangar Lots

Lot size Can vary to suit leasee needs
Optimal size is 250′ x 140′
Hangar Size Minimum size of 100′ x 100′
Number available 4
Lease rate Undetermined
Lease length 20 years

Hangar Lots

Lot size 70′ x 110′
Hangar Size Up to 60′ x 60′
Number available 20
Lease rate 15-20 cents per square foot annual depending on location
Lease length 20 years

Land Rental Requirements

The lessee must rent the footprint of the building, as well as necessary setbacks ranging from 5-20 feet on either side depending on size of hangar, plus 40 feet from the front of the building, and the distance to the taxiway. Depending on the size of hangar, this will range from 35-130 feet from the back of the building. For example, a 60′ x 60′ hangar would require a space measuring 70′ wide x 110′ deep.

Yellowstone Regional Airport

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